What Is Pre-Planning?

Pre-planning is choosing your afterlife arrangements in advance, from your funeral service provider, choice of a columbarium, all the way to casket or urn types.

Here are the essential things people decide on during pre-planning (for a complete guide, please see our articles):

  • Choice between burial or cremation
  • Casket and/or urn types
  • Type of memorial service (Buddhist, Catholic, etc.)
  • Location of funeral and/or memorial service
  • Reception and catering arrangements

With funeral costs increasing annually, pre-planning is also very cost-effective, as opposed to having your family members pay for everything when the inevitable occurs.

With pre-planning, you can empower yourself by choosing every detail of your final send-off without burdening your loved ones.

Why Pre-Plan With Nirvana?

Save Up To

$4,000 A Year

Due to annually increasing funeral costs, pre-planning with Nirvana now can help you save more money as opposed to paying only when death occurs in the family.

For Your Financial Security

& Peace Of Mind

Pre-planning keeps your savings intact even during emergencies and gives your loved ones a peace of mind.

Get 0% Instalment


At Nirvana, Singapore's only 6-star niches are available on an instalment basis for up to 48 months.

How Does Nirvana

Help You Pre-Plan?

Step 1: Consultation

Consultation is Nirvana's first step in helping you pre-plan. Together, we'll take into account your preferences, budget,

and even your family traditions to ensure we cover all bases

for your pre-planning.

It is highly recommended to share your pre-planning journey with your family members, so arrangements will go smoothly.

Step 2: Quotation

Our professional team will present you with a “Pre-Need”

funeral service package catered to your wishes. This comes

with a thorough pricing list in order to guarantee transparency.

Step 3: Purchase

Once you've had all the details ironed out with our representative, you may already purchase your tailored funeral service package from Nirvana.

You will now have full control of your final send-off, making it a source of comfort and celebration for your loved ones.

Start Pre-Planning Today

Leave a legacy of love with Nirvana

Nirvana Memorial Garden

950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road

Singapore 699816

Tel: +6598340005

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Nirvana Memorial Garden

950 Old Choa Chu Kang Road

Singapore 699816

Tel: +6598340005

Email: wilson.lee@sla.com.sg

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